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Five natural delights within five miles of Barmoor Castle!

Published by on 8th February 2018

Our guests love exploring the beautiful countryside and stunning beaches of Northumberland, especially the Northumberland National Park, the Cheviots and the beaches.  Here they share a few of Northumberland’s perhaps lesser known natural wonders, all within easy reach of Barmoor Castle Country Park, just waiting to be explored. 

Magical waterfall

Roughtin Linn is one of Northumberland’s lesser known waterfalls but no less picturesque. It makes an enjoyable walk through Ford Moss Special Conservation Site or it can be reached by car and a short walk. Keep a look out for the cup and ring markings nearby.

Ancient stone circle

Duddo five stones is a 4,000 year old Northumbrian stone circle – a beautiful place to visit, especially as the sun sets.

Legendary cave

St Cuthbert’s Cave as legend has it, is where the ancient monks took shelter with their holy relic (possibly St Cuthbert himself). It’s a spectacular rock formation and the walk nearby has an incredible view to Holy Island.

Atmospheric woodland

Kyloe Wood has ancient trees, rocky crags and is home to red squirrels. It’s also where the first Leylandii were planted. A wonderful place to walk.

Glorious Northumberland beach

The beaches in Northumberland are outstanding but Ross Back Sands has a castle at either side and around 3 miles of unspoilt dunes and beaches. Worth the mile walk from the car park to get there – you’ll probably have the place to yourself.

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