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Why choose Barmoor?!

Published by Jodi Lamb on 4th July 2017

Many of you have seen our last video with Keith - an avid cyclist that uses Barmoor as a base to explore Northumberland from. Following on from that video, we've just released our second video that showcases even more of the countryside surrounding Barmoor.

Mark and his wife, who own a van on the Parklands, are keen walkers and lovers of the North Northumbrian area that Barmoor is situated in. In fact - they have now bought four vans at Barmoor over a twenty year period stating that they "just miss it when they're away" .

Space is one of our defining assets here at Barmoor and something we're proud of - this is also our home too and keeping the park in pristine condition is simply something we do religiously. 

Each guest that owns a van or lodge here at Barmoor gets something unique fron the park, whether it be the magnificent wildlife on the park, the peaceful walks that can be done within our grounds or exploring the stunning countryside that surrounds the park. 

That's what makes us so proud of our home and park - that there really is something for everyone to get from the peaceful nature of the park.





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