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The Park

What makes us special?

We like to think that we're a bit different from other holiday home parks. We will never tire of living in our stunning location, but we also wanted to create a special kind of caravan and luxury lodge park to help our guests enjoy the precious time they spend with us.

Space To Breathe

We like having our own space. We are set in over 200 acres of countryside after all. And we know that our guests value their own space as well. That's why we have an average of 40ft between sites (more than double of most other parks).

The site of our park is steeped in history, dating back to the 12th century, but we're pleased to say that there are plenty of modern comforts these days.

At One With Nature

Jamie and his team spend a great deal of time landscaping the site, maintaining the wonderful surroundings, to provide our guests with the ideal environment to unwind and relax into the time they spend with us.

Keen naturalists will appreciate the vast range of plants, trees and wildlife that is to be found here. Waterfowl have made their home in the ponds inside the grounds, while deer, hares, foxes and even otters can be spotted around the park.

Local Knowledge

We've lived here for a long while, and as such we have close relationships and friendships with lots of people who could help to make your leisure time special. If you're looking for a recommendation on where to eat, or go for a walk, or even if you would like our help organising activities such as shooting, fishing or golf, then all you need to do is ask.

Plus, who wants to spend all of their holidays surrounded by tourists?

The Parklands

The Parklands is our exciting new holiday home development here at Barmoor Castle and will offer an opportunity to have a holiday home in what will be a truly unique and bespoke pitch layout.

The layout of the area will follow historic design principles to be seen at many Castles and Stately Homes. Existing archive records and historical documents were used as reference in the design process.

The Parklands comprises of four main arterial avenues which provide views and vistas within the Parklands and distance views into the surrounding landscape.

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