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The Parklands

Seamless development. Timeless design.

The Parklands is our exciting new holiday home development here at Barmoor Castle and will offer an opportunity to have a holiday home in what will be a truly unique and bespoke pitch layout.

The layout of the area will follow historic design principles to be seen at many Castles and Stately Homes. Existing archive records and historical documents were used as reference in the design process.

The Parklands comprises of four main arterial avenues which provide views and vistas within the Parklands and distance views into the surrounding landscape. The views change whether on arrival or departure, it could be The Crenulated Wall, the Castle or one of the selected Sculpture / Focal points.

The Parklands displays both tree lined avenues and contrasting avenues which are not formally lined but carve their way through our proposed specially selected tree and shrub collection, meadows and wildflower areas.

The finished product

The Holiday homes will be carefully set into this landscape and the planting design will provide a feeling of intimacy both to the individual home, the home in its setting and the homes in relation to the Parklands and Barmoor Castle.

The Parklands will offer many varying views and provide choices, landscape and distance views, Castle views and views of our 'Feature' and 'Folly' areas. The parkland setting with meadows, wildflowers, spring bulbs, bespoke trees and a connoisseur's collection of shrubs which in maturity will offer a special opportunity to enjoy Barmoor Castle Country Park.

When you couple such high quality craftsmanship with stunning views, vista and wildlife the results speak for themselves. As you drive down our spectacular West Entrance, you'll see the pastures on your right, and a magnificent view on your left - An uninterrupted vista from your view point on The Pastures.

Barmoor is a owners-only park so you can be assured of a relaxing environment and a holiday home that can represent your chance to escape the stresses of modern, every day life.

If you'd like to know more then simply call Ann or Jamie on 01289 388 376 or Email

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